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Preparation for Adult Life (PAL) is a personal growth programme which is for and about the participant. The programme features a range of pertinent topics including:

  • Managing difficult situations, such as social media, trolling, work colleagues, family or friends
  • Attaining appropriate language skills for various situations
  • Understanding the psychology of your own unique mind
  • Breath work to self-regulate
  • Creating good financial and home management tools
  • Enhancing your resilience

The programme enables young adults to understand their internal programming. This means they learn vital information about themselves, their triggers, their language and their behaviours.


Enabling them to take responsibility for their actions and further understand how it will
support their mind management and wellbeing. It can enhance developing
independence and support academic study and work practices, family and social
interactions enabling them to become their very own best PAL.

The innumerable benefits include :

Increased resilience and confidence

Deeper sense of wellbeing

Enhanced social and emotional skills

Improved focus and concentration

Being able to make considered decisions

PAL’s proven innovative methods changes lives.

Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring a smooth and successful transition for military personnel.

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