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Combat Care aims to provide a turnkey solution focused on three key areas that are essential to all.

What’s evident is many of us could benefit from support and guidance when transitioning into the civilian world.

At Combat Care, we understand the importance of being prepared and view this preparation time as an essential piece of the journey.


Combat Care provides transition skills to help and support both young adults and competent service leavers for the next stages in life.

This support is provided through two training and development programmes:

Our commitment to the well-being of military personnel extends beyond the initial transition period.

We understand that mental health challenges, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or difficulty adjusting to civilian life, may persist long after leaving active service.

Combat Care offers ongoing services, peer support groups, and community engagement initiatives to ensure that veterans have access to the resources they need for sustained emotional well-being and a sense of belonging.

At Combat Care, our commitment to collaboration and partnership is at the core of our mission.

By working closely with our trusted partners, we can deliver tailored services that meet the diverse needs of our veterans.

Together, we will make their transition into civilian life as smooth and successful as possible, honouring their service and empowering them for a fulfilling future.


Having the opportunity to work through the PAL was a truly insightful experience. The programme is filled with an array of interesting content, all broken down into clear sections that provided me with in-detailed knowledge regarding each chapter topic. I found that the programme really made me look within, and gave me the time to delve deeper into my emotions and thought patterns. I particularly found the visualisation techniques of huge benefit, and found that reflecting upon each chapter really cemented my learnings and realisations. In the fast-paced world that we live in, we often do not have the time to reflect and recognise how our mind may be negatively impacting us; Tracey’s programme was a way for me to take the time to understand this. I would highly recommend this programme to absolutely anyone.


August 2023

“A powerful mind management tool everyone needs, whether they are young or old, wisdom is timeless.” This is “Not a typical self-management programme. There is so much content, information and action pieces to help you in actually doing the things you’ve always wanted to do but never did. It’s brilliant for those looking for an eye opening and self-growth wisdom.” “It gives you a different perspective of life, one you thought you never needed. It has changed me as a person and the way I look at things in my daily life. Self-growth is a forever learning journey and this programme really makes you think.”


March 2023

Personally, PAL has helped me understand my mindset at a greater level. It has allowed me to understand how to be self-compassionate and understand that I am in control of my mind. The new skills I have learnt is to reframe my thoughts, which has really improved my mindset. There were no negative aspects to the programme.


November 2022


Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring a smooth and successful transition for military personnel.

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