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As part of Combat Care’s turnkey solution for our veterans we use an approach and process to understand­­ mental and physical health using a multi-system lens.

This means that our offer of support considers the influence of biology, psychology and social environment.

We provide support that transforms the lives of veterans.

Our trained and experienced support team respond directly to each veteran and their specific needs. We discuss each area of life through a holistic needs assessment and provide a single point of contact to build a bespoke package tailored exactly to that person. Together, we look at what’s happening in every significant area of life, and build a complete picture of the situation and needs in six areas;

Living situation

Caring for yourself



Health and wellbeing

Safety and crime

We have strong relationships with other services and organisations to work collaboratively to provide what is needed. If we don’t deliver the support service directly, we always set up the relationships and stay with our clients every step of the way, so veterans who face difficult challenges can find a clearer way forward.

  • Tools to manage mental health, identifying triggers, developing healthier coping strategies and knowing where to get support
  • Prioritise actions to make facing challenges more manageable
  • Increased self-confidence to discuss problems
  • Advocate for themselves and make positive choice
  • Know how to access services through bureaucratic processes
  • Have more trust in services to deliver support, and not let them down

Every step of the way

By providing the tools, advice, guidance and access to essential services our clients face less stress, anxiety and worry in managing their challenges, such as debt, drugs, relationships, employment, housing or mental health.  We don’t want these problems or social influences distracting them from their medical needs and recovery.

Our veterans see that change is possible. They have a better understanding of their situation, helping them manage whatever’s happening. We’re with them through the process, they feel supported to act independently and make positive choices. 

Whether it be a housing crisis, unemployment or a PTSD diagnosis; we help navigate the necessary pathways, unlocking the solutions to improve wellbeing, support recovery and provide a smooth transition to civilian life.

As the Armed Forces Covenant says, ‘no service person shall be disadvantaged’.

We also work in parallel to medical interventions with our qualified team able to provide therapeutic pathways and utilise the following:

  • Exposure therapy,
  • CBT,
  • Psychodynamic counselling,
  • Bereavement counselling,
  • Relationship counselling and
  • Trauma imaging.

Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring a smooth and successful transition for military personnel.

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