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As an organisation, we are driven by a mission to raise public awareness and understanding of the unique experiences and needs of military personnel transitioning to civilian life.

Through targeted campaigns, advocacy, and community outreach, Combat Care create a culture of support and appreciation for our Veterans.

By dispelling stereotypes and fostering a society that honours their sacrifices, we will build a solid foundation for their successful integration into civilian society.


Supporting Veterans in their transition to civilian life.

Collaborating with trusted partners to ensure that Veterans receive personalised services tailored to their unique needs.

Offering educational programmes that supports them to better understand their mind as they progress through the transition.

Raising public awareness and understanding of the challenges Veterans face during their transition into civilian life to build a more supportive society.

Providing comprehensive support to empower Veterans as they navigate their transition. ​

Addressing the mental well-being of Veterans to help them heal, recover, and thrive in civilian life.​

Creating a supportive community environment through counselling, peer support, and community integration programmes to foster Veterans' emotional well-being and sense of belonging.

Collaboration between our partners and community groups is key to providing a holistic network of support for Veterans.


Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring a smooth and successful transition for military personnel.

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